Halloween 🎃

October/November time is my favourite time of year. When the leaves change colour and they fall and the air becomes crisp and cold. It’s the time of year where the world seems most magical.

I LOVE to dress up. A lot….Too much. So it’s understandable as to why Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year!

When I was younger, we used to go to my aunties house for a party. My mum would make the most wonderful cakes and we would dance around and eat hot, homemade, meat and potato pies and warm flapjack pieces. We would sometimes combine it with bonfire night and let off a few fireworks too! It’s one of my fondest memories of my childhood.

As I’ve grown up and moved away, I’m not really able to attend the parties anymore, but I still religiously have homemade, meat and potato pie and flapjack pieces. Now however I’m out dressing up,  partying with my friends around Halloween and sitting in watching my favourite Halloween movies tucked up in bed on Halloween! Still in happy as can be 😊

My favourite films to watch are:

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Adams Family
  • Halloween Town
  • Practical Magic ,

Then I watch at least 1 new film every year!

Yes okay, they aren’t horrors, or even scary, they are kids films mostly and some have really bad acting 😂 but they are what I’ve watched almost every year for Halloween and I love them so much 😁

What are your Halloween traditions?


Home Away From Home

Oh dear! I’m not very good at this it seems ahahaa!

It seems silly to have home in the title. I was only away for 3 months, I can hardly call America my home. But whilst I was there I suppose it was.

I’ll start from the beginning because it seems like the most reasonable place to start, but I can’t promise the rest of the writing will stay in chronological order because my brain doesn’t work that way…plus isn’t it more fun trying to work out what’s going on 😉

So this is my second time at a summer camp, it was my 3rd in two years and by far the best! I did it through a company called Camp America you should check them out, ESPECIALLY if you’re thinking of doing this for the first time! (https://www.campamerica.co.uk/)

This year my camp was in Becket, Massachusetts. In the Berkshire Mountains – which meant the weather wasn’t always spectacular….Oh my goodness, I can’t even start at the beginning properly…Good luck to you guys reading it -> it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Let’s restart…I was flown into Newark Airport and picked up by one of the American Camp America drivers and taken (with another girl) to the hotel they use, about half an hour away from the airport, to spend the night. I shared a room with 2 lovely girls, staying up ridiculously late chatting away and regretting it when we had to get up at 5am the next morning with wonderful jet lag. We were then driven to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York and after wandering for about 2 hours to get food with nowhere to sit and VERY heavy bags, we headed off our separate ways to our camps.

(You’ve read this part before so you can skim it…) This year my camp was in Becket, Massachusetts. In the Berkshire Mountains – which meant the weather wasn’t always spectacular (…Okay new part…) When I got to my drop off and meeting point, it was already raining and cold. I thankfully wasn’t waiting long before a white mini-bus turned up and a smiling face stuck itself out of the window asking if I was Sam. I then met 2 people who played wonderfully important roles in my summer. A co-counsellor who became a very close friend and my Adventure Director, who quickly became an amazing and close friend and also ended up putting me as second in charge for the ropes course, which was an amazing feeling (jumping ahead a bit there though!).

I spent the next 11 weeks here. Making long lasting friends and memories I’ll never forget! It started with 2 weeks pre-camp where a handful of us were setting up the camp – sweeping, tidying and scraping and re-painting cabins. We had a few days off here and there and nights were spent bonding, watching movies and stargazing. Then we had orientation week, when the rest of the staff showed up! Then 7 loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg (but amazing) weeks with the kids!!! Then the final week was spent with an under-privileged camp that came in to use our facilities, it was so inspiring.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing my time with the kids was.

On our days off we did loads of cool things too! We went cliff jumping in a quarry, tubing down some rapids, tubing in the lake, we went to Boston, and we went shopping, It was just the most amazing experience in the world!

From there I headed out to LA. This was the most amazing and magical experience of my life. I was only here a week, but I did SO much! I walked up to the Hollywood sign, walked to the Wisdom Tree, Walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visited Santa Monica pier and beach, Muscle beach, Venice beach and rollerbladed down Venice Board walk, Saw the Venice Canals, saw and took a tour of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, went to a Thrift shop, Dance at Millennium Dance Complex (met YANNIS MARSHAL!) and I’m sure many more things that I just can’t remember at the moment!!!

Honestly this was the most amazing trip of my life. It’s been so hard trying to get back to real life when I’ve been living in a dream world for so long. I loved every minute of it.


If you want any advice on Camp America or want to share any experiences comment below ❤

Fly By…

Oh my goodness how the last few months have flown by!! I still can’t believe it’s all over!! I can’t wait to write about what happens!

Also I can’t believe I haven’t posted yet! I do this all the time, I say I’m back to posting and then I completely black out again. I have tons of ideas for posts, but when I come to write them, the words never seem right on paper.

I’m definitely back and ready to get on with blog post that may not blow your mind…but hopefully they will be rather good 😉

I’ll write a checklist of blog posts for the weeks up to the New Year and that way  I won’t completely freak out about what to write!! So here goes;

  • My trip away
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire Night
  • University
  • Healthy Living
  • Favourite Cold Day Activities
  • Conquering Your Fears
  • Favourite Warm Treats
  • Me, Myself and I
  • New Year

Hopefully one a week should be more than manageable!! Scary how quickly this year is going and I do not feel ready for 2018!!

Throwing myself back into University has been interesting and all of a sudden it feels like there is no time left and this being my last year, EVERYTHING is riding on this!! Anyone else slightly panicking even though we have really only just stated back?!

We can get through this together!

Back and ready to blog!

Okay , I’m ready to get back to doing a blog, been away for a while literally, I’ve been in the US for 11 weeks now! But wiped the page clean and ready to give this a good go!

I’ve learnt more about myself than ever before and I’m excited to FINALLY get on with this blog!!

I’m currently sat in the Boston airport waiting to fly to L.A. I’ve already been here for 3 hours and I have 5 more til check in and then 2 more after that…need more coffee but I don’t want to loose my seat…the struggle is real…

As I’ve said this blog will be a bit on everything, so we will start with food and travel;

The only thing open in the airport and that has been open since I got here is Dunkin Donuts and one Newstand, so after 11 weeks of eating camp food, dreaming of the day I left to get some proper food…I had a bagel with Garden Veggie Creme Cheese and reminisced of Sunday mornings on camp. Not ideal.

I’m dying for some healthy food, I’ve put on some weight the last few weeks and a good cleanse is needed ! My favourite go-to cleansimg foods are cucumbers and carrots, it will probably be my main food source this week if I can get them cheap enough! But a good salad or pasta dish is ace to throw in the mix!

Acai bowls are something I’ve learnt about this summer and something I’ll be sure to search for in L.A. So if anyone knows a good Acai place be sure to give me a shout…but also look out for my post about Acai bowls when I do find one 😂

Like I said I’m travelling to L.A. And I couldn’t be more excited (well I could be – when I get there and am no longer stressing about anything else in life!)

It’s been rather stressful so far, my Peter Pan bus was late and they had to hold the connecting bus, all the food places were closed when I got to Boston and then when I tried to get an Uber to the airport, he pulled up on the wrong side of the road, didn’t make himself known and then drove off! And I was charged the cancellation fee! There was no time to relax and get my head together after all the emotion of saying goodbye to the amazing friends I had made this summer. Too many emotions! Then I had to order a second uber which was $1.50 more than the original to get me here which was just all very frustrating. But I’m here now so it’s okay. Ever had an experience like this when travelling, noting seeming to go quite right? Do share, is love to know I’m not the only one with bad luck 😂

When I get to L.A. Tomorrow I haven’t quite got my week planned out (should probably do that now…) But I know I’ll be dancing at Millennium Dance Complex which is an amazingly exciting and scary experience as it’s such a well known dance school! Will obviously be visiting Santa Monica Pier and Beach and the Hollywood sign, but does anyone have any other recommendations? Would love to hear them!! All the underrated, undiscovered, un-touristy places would be great too, love having experiences most other travellers won’t get the chance to do so let me know!

I will try and post more this week, but right now I should probably create some type of plan for this week!

Cyaaa xoxo

P.s. Apologies for the picture, airport lighting and crappy phone camera isn’t the best mix 😂